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  1. What does Voyatone do?
    Voyatone connects freelance digital media freelancers and clients/studio owners in a mutually beneficial manner.
  2. Ok. But how?
    It acts as an online workspace for freelance freelancers and clients, allowing them to connect and collaborate on projects apart from helping them benefit from each other by registering on the website.
  3. How does one register?
    Simple. Just login to, fill in the digital form/submit the required files based on whether you are a Client or Freelancer and you’re good to go! As a registered member of Voyatone, you now have access to the Voyatone marketplace. Just sign in with your User ID and Password.
  4. What are the benefits for Clients/Studio Owners?
    Production companies can browse and hire freelance freelancers for their upcoming projects; scores of freelancer profiles across digital art disciplines and specializations are featured on the site. Clients can filter profiles based on various parameters such as portfolio, experience, skills, etc.
  5. What are the benefits for freelance freelancers?
    Freelance Freelancers can gain access to frequently updated Animation, Gaming and VFX projects listed on the site. Freelancers can bid for projects depending on various parameters such as timeline, work complexity, payment and terms etc.
  6. Any particular spin-off benefits?
    Well, the easy access to freelance talent helps clients in complementing their in-house team whenever required in a cost-effective manner while also expediting new projects. As for freelance freelancers, they can increase their income and expand their professional network. In addition, members can benefit from knowledge sessions, articles on emerging trends in the sector, special forums, information on key industry events across the world, exclusive offers and more.
  7. Any other advantages that Voyatone offers?
    For Clients/Studio owners, Voyatone facilitates customized plans too. Voyatone will tailor the hiring model and search tools to meet specific requirements in terms of value and outcomes. For instance, if a client has a certain budget and specific talent needs for his freelance project, Voyatone can tailor a unique plan to meet that need.
  8. Lastly, what about payment security? Because that’s a key concern.
    True. And we’ve got that covered for you. For clients, they can pay only if they are 100% satisfied with the work. As for Freelancers, all payments as per the agreed terms are enabled through a secure payment gateway.
  9. Apart from freelance talent, does Voyatone also cater to regular job recruitments?
    Yes. In fact, Voyatone is also shortly launching online HR services for employers and job seekers. In addition to the freelance projects/talent facilitation, Voyatone will also enable posting and filling of full-time jobs. The vast community of clients and freelancers registered with Voyatone makes for an invaluable HR resource.
  10. Will clients be able to find the full breadth of talent for their projects?
    Of course. At Voyatone, freelancers across disciplines and specialization are registered…right from 3D Modelers to Animators, Riggers, Compositors, Storyboard & Concept Freelancers, Digital Painters, Lighting Technicians, Texture, Hair & Fur Freelancers, Visual Development Freelancers, Character Freelancers, Layout & Rendering TDs, Roto Freelancers, Matchmovers, Matte Painters, Pipeline TD, Game Designers, Testers, Game Programmers, Audio Engineers and more.
  11. How do I post a project?
    Go to the header and click on the tab ‘CLIENT’. In the drop down menu, click ‘Post Project’. A fresh window will appear asking you to ‘LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT’. Enter your ‘User name and Password. You are now ready to post your project. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.
  12. How can a freelancer submit a proposal for a project?
    Click the ‘FREELANCERS’ tab on the header and click ‘FIND PROJECTS’ in the drop down menu that appears. A fresh window appears asking you to ‘Sign In’. The selection parameters (Bid, Location, Budget, etc.) show up on your screen. Fill in the respective boxes and click ‘CLEAR FILTERS’. A list of projects meeting your needs/criteria appear on your screen. Each project has a ‘SUBMIT PROPOSAL’ tab. Just click on the tab and you are done.
  13. How and when do I get paid?
    As soon as the client is 100% satisfied with your work, the payment will be facilitated through the third party, secure online payment gateway.
  14. Are there any charges for posting a project?
    It depends on the plan chosen. The basic plan does not have any charges while the other plans come with a fee.
  15. How do I upload my profile?
    Go to the header and click on the tab ‘FREELANCERS’. In the drop down menu, click ‘CREATE PROFILE’. A fresh window will appear asking you to ‘LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT’. Enter your ‘User name and Password. You are now ready to upload your profile. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.